Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet Chocolate Cake (without sugar!)

What does a chocolate addict do when trying to loose weight?
She cuts out fat and sugar and leaves the amounts of chocolate untouched!

I want to share with you a little recipe I found in a french book of desserts in which sugar is substituted by natural sweeteners like Stevia, Xylitol and agave sirop. These contain none or little calories and do not acidify your body, as sugar does. Most of the recipes contain butter, but  the authors offer ways of substituting that, too. In this case, I used almond butter instead of animal butter (inspite of my fear of getting a bad texture!) and I ended up with a moist, spongy cake that had a delicate flavor. Chocolate comes first, then you find the sweet. If you really need it to be sweeter, just add more Xylitol or some agave sirop. You can find Xylitol in some organic/health food stores or online. Same with the almond butter, unless you follow Heather’s recipe to do your own!

Here go the ingredients:

-Pre-heat the oven at 355°F
-Mix the almond butter with the Xylitol sugar and the salt. Add the eggs (one by one), and the milk.

-In a different bowl, mix the flour with the cocoa powder and the baking soda. Pour it onto the first mix and stir.

-Pour the dough into a silicone or a non-stick mold, and bake during 40 minutes. 

After trying this recipe several times and in different ways, I can say that  adding one more table spoon of unswettened cocoa and two of agave sirup will enhance the taste of it...for those who like strong emotions!


  1. "She cuts out fat and sugar and leaves the amounts of chocolate untouched" I like it. :)

    Cake looks like it turned out great. Thanks for sharing and so glad the almond butter substitution worked for you!

  2. Fantástico, Wanda!!!! Creo que probaré hacerla,(no es por bajar de peso, mi esposa es diabética, y esto le viene muy bien para esos días en que la ansiedad por algo dulce es muy fuerte)
    Gracias por la receta, por los dibujitos con que la adornaste, y por la ilustración en la cabecera del blog, muy buena, y Gacias por pasar por mi blog!!!!!!!
    buen fin de semana Wanda!!!