Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Go Bananas!

Chocolate and banana... Is there a better combination than that?
(Remember my Choco-banana milkshake?)
There's also coconut and pineapple but that's number two on my list...  
Those who know me know that I'm trying to reduce my consumption of sugar, and not
only with the purpose of loosing weight. I've found a lot of information about the negative effects on sugar on our bodies. Some day I'll blog about it... probably for Halloween, for that information is pretty scary!
Today I want to share with you another cake recipe. It's a personal version of one that I found in my french book of desserts without regular sugar. Once again I substituted normal butter for almond butter and, of course, used xylitol sugar instead of cane sugar. This cake is really easy to make and the amounts are thought for a little cake for about four servings. Next time you invite a couple of friends over for coffee, consider this one.

Pre-heat the oven at 350°F

-Mash the banana (it   should be well ripe, with plenty of brown frekles!)

-Mix the almond butter with the Xylitol sugar and the mashed bananaAdd the egg, and the milk.

-In a different bowl, mix the flour with the baking soda. Pour it onto the first mix and stir.

- Add the chocolate chips.
-Pour the dough into a silicone or a non-stick mold, and bake during 30 to 40 minutes.
(Remember you can add some agave sirop if you want it to be sweeter. However, a very ripe banana should give it some extra sweet !)
Here's the final result:



  1. Looks Delicious Wanda!! Have to try that at home!! Thanks for sharing xoxox

    1. Karine,glad you liked it!
      Please, try it and keep me posted!

  2. Me quiero morir!!!! Qué rico debe ser ese budín!!!
    No sé si te conté que mi esposa es diabética así que lo voy a hacer!!!! debo conseguir chocolate amargo, esto es sin azúcar.
    yo hace años que no consumo azúcar, un poco apenas de vez en cuando, mi último análisis de sangre me dió 60 de glucosa :)
    Sabes que escuché que en Japón descubrieron que las bananas que tienen la cáscara con manchas marrones son anticancerígenas, en serio!!!
    no sé si te dije que la cabecera de tu blog está muy buena!!!
    Te envió un fuerte abrazo!!!!

    1. Roberto, que no consumes azucar?!!
      Eres mi heroe!
      Que buena noticia lo de las bananas!

    2. Hola Wanda, te envié un mail, chequea por favor tu bandeja de entrada, sí? :)